Proof of Identity – Facial Detection and Quality Validation

The Datafinity Facial Detection and Quality Validation application was developed to assist organisations with FICA document processing, more specifically, with the detection and validation (quality control) of proof of identification (PID) documents i.e. RSA Green ID or New Smart Card ID.

Features of the Facial Quality Validation:

1. Systematically Identifying Proof of Identity (PID) document types.
2. Help validate the facial quality on PID images.
3. Assist with applying Regulator PID image quality standards.
4. Rework of historical PID documents in ECM systems – for AML / Reserve Bank audits in Financial Institutions.
5. Help validate all new inbound content.
6. Support for multiple platforms.
7. Unlimited process connections.
8. Integration into existing document capture solutions like EMC Captiva or O.T. Teleform etc.

The Facial Recognition Application works by utilising pre-defined templates that contain pattern detection algorithms that identify features of a face within images.
The templates available for use are as follows:

1. Full Frontal Face (all facial features).
2. Eye, ears, mouth and nose (individual features).
3. Full body or upper body.
4. Eyeglasses.

If your organisation is subject to FICA audits, this application will most definitely help you reduce the pain around controlling ID quality, and staying compliant.Please feel free to contact us for any additional information on this topic.