Teleform (formerly from Cardiff Software) is one of the world’s leading Automated Forms Processing software solutions, and is used by more than 8,000 organizations around the globe to capture paper-based as well as electronic forms and documents.Teleform allows organizations to dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort required to capture information from forms and documents, ultimately saving money and improving bottom line profits.

If your organisation has any form driven processes, be that in Banking, Insurance, Telecoms, Marketing Surveys, or even in your company’s HR and Payroll departments, Teleform offers the ability to reduce manual capture, improve information quality and accuracy, and improve process efficiencies. Please contact us to review the many ways which Teleform reduces workload and process times.

A point-and-click application for easily implementing automated forms processing and document capture. Designer includes complete layout tools to create new forms and to automate your existing forms and document types.