The industry’s most versatile Robot uniquely specializes in both human-led and robot-led automation scenarios.

UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation Software solution, designed to dramatically reduce the human effort required in processing repetitive, predictable tasks within an organisation. The “bots”, are configured to perform tasks that would normally be done by a human, but with greater speed and improved accuracy. The goal is to provide a means to free up human staff members for them to focus on more value adding activities within the organisation.

Attended Automation

This Robot is designed to cooperate with employees in business activities where human intervention is required. It resides on the employee’s workstation, triggered when needed by direct command. A discreet collaborator, it acts in the background while the staff continues with uninterrupted work, delivering high productivity and low handling times in service desk, helpdesk, and call centre activities.

Unattended Automation

Operating without human touch, the Unattended Robots are the key to maximized cost and performance benefits for any variety of back-office activities. Provisioned on the Orchestrator from either physical or virtual environments, they can be scheduled to self-start and run efficiently in batch mode. Access them remotely, with scheduling, workload management, reporting, auditing and monitoring all securely centralized.

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UiPath Studio

Studio is the visual design tool, easy to use, regardless of skill level. Studio provides a clean workflow design canvas, for clear two -dimensional process modelling. Recorders capture and imitate perfectly what a user performs. Do it once and consider it done—robots follow and execute perfectly. A library of pre-built activities can also be dragged and dropped to the WIP workflow model.

Just drag and drop onto the Studio’s canvas any of the many template activities available in the library. Fast and easy with point-and-click to record. Collaborate in teams no matter the location, with centralized access to data in real-time.

UiPath Orchestrator

Orchestrator is a highly scalable server platform, enabling fast deployment, from one robot to thousands. You can audit and monitor their activities, schedule all types of processes, and manage work queues. Create world-class reporting from Elasticsearch and Kibana tools. Release management, centralized logging and role-based access are also supported.

The industry’s term for this transformational solution platform is autonomous automation: robots-managing-robots. Now, robots are capable of monitoring and handling attended & unattended robot collaboration, and optimizing end-to-end automation with centralized work queues. Orchestrate all of this from cloud or on-premises.

“Benefit from intelligent scheduling, intelligent execution and intelligent scalability technology. Orchestrator enables you to automate faster than the competition, run more processes with fewer robots and build virtual workforces with less infrastructure. This creates faster and higher ROIs and produces performance improvements in shorter timeframes.” – UiPath