Since June 2000, we have focused our efforts on understanding the pain and frustration that companies feel in trying to efficiently capture Content in various forms, and manage that Information across the enterprise. With well over 19 years’ experience now, we have seen Information Capture and Content Management projects and strategies succeed and fail, and we have learnt many lessons from these. We are very well positioned as result, to help any organization, regardless of size, effectively plan and implement Information Capture and Enterprise Content Management systems. In our 17 year history we have implemented solutions for varying sizes of organizations in many different verticals. Please visit our Clients page for more information on this

The Content Explosion

Gartner and many other recognised Industry Analyst Companies will tell you that over 80% of business-relevant information within an enterprise, originates in an unstructured form. This includes text, emails, documents etc., both in paper and electronic form.

Research tells us that the amount of Content being generated each year (primarily unstructured), is expanding dramatically, and will explode to around 50 to 75 times over the next 10 years, a daunting thought for I.T. Managers.

Enterprise Content Management systems, designed specifically to help organisations derive value from semi and unstructured content, as well as meet regulatory compliance requirements, are therefore an essential part of any Information Management solution.

Solution Specialists

Our core solution focus:

  • Automated Information and Capture: This is often referred to as Enterprise Input Management, encompassing  Forms Processing, Invoice Processing, Claims Processing, FICA document capture etc.
  • Enterprise Content Management: Document Management, Records Management, Scanning and Imaging, Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Case Management
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions – using robotics to help achieve very high levels of automation in both front and back-office processes.
  • Electronic Signature Solutions