Going Digital – Solutions for Human Resources

Digitising your HR processes allows you to take control of employee file security.

Streamline operations and provide great, efficient service to all organisation’s employees and stakeholders.
The Covid19 Pandemic highlighted how essential it is to have all your business information available digitally, allowing your staff to work remotely whenever needed, and still be effective and highly efficient.
The solutions we offer ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time. Whether your HR staff are working from home, working from various branches around the country or are on the road and travelling regularly, we provide the tools to give them secure, digital access to employee files, forms, and HR information to enable them to perform their daily tasks in a paperless, efficient way.

    Datafinity RPA Solutions for HR:

    • Electronic Document Management – Digitise your employee files and securely store them in one central location
    • Employee Onboarding Solutions – automate document collection and tasks associated with onboarding new staff. This includes Electronic Forms, workflow, electronic signatures, and checklists for controlling the process end to end.
    • Exception Reporting on what documents (employee files) are missing from HR
    • Records Management – Automate the Retention of Employee records with full audit trails for peace of mind, while remaining POPI compliant
    • Electronic Forms and eform driven workflow
    • Electronic Signatures and removing paper for signing processes.
    • Workflow and Business Process Automation – HR departments have many form and document driven processes. Our ECM and RPA tools allow you to go paperless, automate and streamline.
    • Mobile solutions – use your smart phone to access import information, documents and workflows wherever you are in the world
    • Portal Solutions for employee self service and digital processes
    • Integration with HRIS and ERP Solutions to ensure high user productivity by document-enabling processes in HR.
      Please feel free to contact us to discuss the best ways to move off paper, and leverage technology to streamline HR operations.