Huge Money Saving Opportunities with Electronic Signature Pads

Electronic Signature Pads tend to pay for themselves in a remarkably short time, and the greater the amount of signing taking place with the signature pad, the faster that occurs.

Here’s how it works in the old paper world:

  • Documents and forms are printed to paper, often in colour, using ink, paper and time/effort as well to do this.
  • The document is then signed with a pen, perhaps photocopied, and then needs to be filed somewhere, or scanned back to an electronic format if it is to be stored in a form of electronic document management system.

Result – is a signed document with no real audit trail, poor security, and you used consumables to do it. In larger volume environments like Insurance companies, Banks etc, this cost stacks up to thousands of Rands per day.

Electronic Signing with Signature Pads:

You do not have to go to paper simply to get a signature on a document!

  • The document remains electronic, and you simply use the electronic signature pad to sign. The signer signs on the pad the same way they would on paper, and their hand-written signature is digitally applied to the document, securely.

Result – a secure, legally binding signed document with an audit trail, date and time stamp, and true peace of mind.

Immediate and Ongoing Cost Savings

Signing with an electronic signature pad:

  • Eliminates all consumables (paper, ink, files) from the signing process
  • Dramatically improves process efficiency by eliminating the task of printing and scanning afterwards, or using couriers / shippers to send paper documents to corporate Head Office or other location.
  • indirect savings will also occur from the time saved that would’ve been spent filing documents, rekeying data, searching for lost documents or tracking down the status of a contract for example.
  • Improves process and document security overall.
  • Lowers risk of losing documents and fraud, as document authenticity can be proved once signed electronically.
  • Lowers the risk of “not in good order” documents when signing electronically, as it is possible to error trap missing information on electronic forms (HTML or PDF) ….which is not possible to do on paper.

Resulting Return on Investment

There is a very good reason that electronic signatures are fast becoming the default way organisations sign documents. The reason is cost saving. If the signature pads did not save time and money, and lots of it, no one would do it.

The resulting ROI from moving off paper and pen signing to electronic, pays for the signature pad repeatedly, and continues to do so year on year. The ROI comes from a dramatic reduction in consumables, improvements in document security, and the efficiency gains across the process.

Please contact us for any information on the massive cost saving opportunities and additional information security signature pads can bring to your organisation.