Electronic Signature Solutions

The ePad family of electronic signature pads enable you to sign, send, and store documents electronically without the need to print or scan paper forms.
Whether integrated with third-party systems or with ePadLink’s IntegriSign software, ePad products help you do business faster and better than with paper-based transactions.


ePadlink is the trusted provider of legally-binding, enterprise-wide electronic signature solutions. With a comprehensive, one-stop platform — incorporating software and hardware— the ePad range of electronic signature pads from ePadlink enables clients to implement paperless processes that result in substantial cost savings,
    reduced processing times, and improved customer satisfaction. ePadlink’s signature solutions can be installed right out of the box or with customized integration tailored specifically to organisational needs. Companies around the world have adopted ePadlink’s innovative technology.

      EPAD II

      ePad II is ePadLink’s upgraded electronic signature capture device for high-performance applications. IntegriSign eSignature software offers plug-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel as well as Adobe Acrobat, so you can start esigning out of the box.
      Powerful SDKs can be used to implement an esignature solution in any third-party software platform or build your own custom application.
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        Datafinity South Africa Epadink

        EPAD INK

        ePad-ink is used worldwide to capture electronic signatures, whether the signing takes place in-branch or in-field. With an LCD screen that lights up when an esignature is applied or affirmation text displayed, the interactive visual feedback provides an enhanced user experience.
        Ergonomic and portable, ePad-ink is a best-in-class eSignature solution. Use it with Integrisign plug-ins for popular desktop document formats, or powerful SDKs to integrate with third-party platform or build your own custom application.

          EPAD VISION

          This latest addition to ePadLink s ePad Family not only captures secure, legally-binding esignatures, its large, full-color LCD screen enables you to display unique visual images and text that attract attention and help your customer-facing representatives cross-sell products and services.
          Dynamic functionality lets you display targeted marketing messages and colourful images, personalize your backgrounds, conduct customer surveys, have signers scroll through compliance text, and more. Selectable on-screen checkboxes and response buttons enable you to obtain important customer information and make it easy for customers to opt-in to special offers.
            Datafinity South Africa Electronic Signature Solutions