Electronic Signature Solutions

Electronic signatures are rapidly becoming the new normal in the digital age.

Organisations around the globe are always looking for ways to benefit from what technology can offer in terms of improving efficiency and information security, and electronic signatures should definitely be near the top of their list of solutions to take advantage of.

How does it work?

For most “desktop signing” or “over the counter signing” applications, the electronic signature pad is the most convenient, secure and easy to use tool there is on the market today. The signature pad provides the ability to capture the hand written signature in a paperless way, yes also provides the security of digital certificates when signing PDF documents. The combination of the two makes for a quick “plug and play” type solution that has a very high R.O.I and quick time to value. Electronic signature pads tend to pay for themselves very quickly, and then continue to provide large cost savings year after year.

Install the signature pad software on your machine, and then easily sign Word, Excel, PDF and even HTML based documents with a couple of mouse clicks and your normal hand written signature, it could not be much easier.

    We offer three E-Signature Options, each with their own unique features and benefits, and therefore suited to different types of applications.

    Epadlink Electronic Signature Pads

    Stepover Electronic Signature Pads

    Topaz Electronic Signature Pads

    Please feel free to contact us to discuss the electronic signature option best suited to your environment.