What is an Electronic Signature Pad?

A Signature Pad is a device that electronically captures a person’s handwritten signature on its signing surface, using a pen-type stylus.  The signing surface on the signature pad may be LCD or non-LCD.   As you sign on the pad, the touchpad (signing surface) reads the pressure from the stylus, and securely transmits that to the computer the pad is plugged into.

The relevant signature software interprets the information and transfers that signature to the document or form being signed, to create a secure, electronic version of your handwritten signature.

Example of a non-LCD signature pad

Example of an LCD Signature pad

Which one should you use?

For so many applications, particularly “over the counter” or “Customer facing” applications, an LCD signature pad is definitely preferred, as the signer can see their signature on the pad as they are signing (a digital ink trail) , making the signature pads much easier to use and resulting in a higher quality signature on the document or form being signed.
LCD signature pads are by far the most popular.  

Colour LCD Signature Pads are becoming quite popular, particularly pads that have document display functionality, so the document or form being signed, can be displayed on the pad itself.

Example of an LCD Pad with document display functionality

StepOver Durasign Brilliance Full Colour Signature Pad.

Non LCD signature pads do work well, but are often used only for company internal processes and signings, or a manager or supervisor might have their own signature pad for signing internal documents and forms.  The one advantage of non-LCD signature pads, is that they tend to be light weight and smaller (thinner” than LCD pads.

Are Electronic Signature Pads legal?

The law in most countries accommodates for the use of electronic signatures. Its best to double check the legalities in your specific country. In South Africa, the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, electronic signature pads are widely accepted and create legally binding signatures. 

Do they help save time and money?

Electronic Signature Pads save an enormous amount of time and money, that’s why so many people around the world use them, Read this short article on this topic – Money saving opportunities with electronic signature pads.   

In addition to savings in overhead costs, digital signature technology speeds business processes and improves productivity. When used with the Internet or an intranet, all of the documents and contracts that an organization uses, including customer and vendor contracts, service contracts, and human resource documents, can be made available anywhere, anytime, electronically. Today’s business world revolves around instant access to information. Electronic digital signature capture allows that same instant access to legal, robust signed documents, contracts, and receipts.

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