Insurance Industry

Solutions for the Insurance Industry

In a highly competitive industry like insurance, ensuring high levels of productivity and efficiency are crucial to remaining not only profitable, but competitive as well.
In addition, the need to drive down operating costs while maintaining high levels of customer service is a major focus of executives and management. At Datafinity we offer a range of technology solutions designed to automate tasks and business processes, in order to maximise process efficiency and lower operating costs as much as possible.

Datafinity Digital Automation Solutions for the Insurance Industry

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – automation of repetitive, mundane tasks
  • Automated Document and Data Capture (Claims, New Business Forms etc)
  • Electronic Document and Records Management
  • Electronic Forms and Forms Processing
  • Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Electronic Signature Solutions
  • Accounts Payable Solutions
  • New Customer Onboarding Solutions
  • Case Management Solutions
  • Enterprise File Sync and Share
As an Insurance organisation has so many document and form driven processes, automating the capture and management of documents and information is key to process efficiency and information security.

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