OpenText Intelligent Capture

Automated Document Capture

OpenText Intelligent Capture, formally Captiva, lets organizations automatically capture data from paper, electronic files, and other sources, transforming it into digital content and delivering it into content management systems and business processes.
By reducing manual paper handling, OpenText Intelligent Capture minimizes processing errors, improves data accuracy, and accelerates business processes by making information instantly available in content repositories like Hyland OnBase, Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint and many others. With OpenText Intelligent Capture, businesses can leverage a proven enterprise document capture platform that scales to handle a few thousand documents or several million documents per day, allowing businesses to meet their future business growth.

OpenText Intelligent Capture delivers:

  • Automated Document and Data Capture
  • Device integration – Capture documents from hundreds of scanners, multi-function devices, fax, email, and other digital sources.
  • Image quality checks – Enhance image quality for better accuracy.
  • Document identification – Increase productivity by automatically identifying scanned documents based on barcodes, patch codes, or separator sheets.
  • Data capture – Reduce manual data entry by automatically capturing machine-printed text and bar codes.
  • Business system integration – Automatically deliver documents and data into content management systems, workflow processes, and databases.
  • Data validation – Set business rules to ensure the accuracy of captured data and to reduce errors.
  • High volume capture – Scale from thousands to millions of document images captured per day.
  • Unified Designer – Develop, test, and deploy capture projects quickly using the point-and-click setup and configuration.

Enterprise integration

Capture is only one piece of a complete process-automation solution, and seamless integration with content services, ECM and workflow technologies, including records and case management, is vital to enable organizations to optimize an information management lifecycle.

OpenText Intelligent Capture features a proven REST-based integration to the external ERP’s and other core systems. To further facilitate the role of capture in an information management workflow, and particularly case management, Intelligent Capture includes CMIS output for out-of-the-box integration with content management platforms that support this industry standard.

Due to its enterprise-level integration and open APIs, Intelligent Capture is positioned to be the capture front-end to customer successes with mission critical, line of business applications, such as loan processing, claims management and customer on-boarding.

    Industries and Applications

    The ability to automatically capture information from documents and forms, is applicable to just about every industry imaginable, but has particularly strong use-cases in:
    • Banking and Financial Services
    • Accounts Payable – invoice processing in any industry
    • Insurance for account openings, claims processing etc
    • Higher Education
    • Manufacturing
    • Accounts Receivable – in any industry, for capturing Proof of Deliver docs and related content
    • Logistics and Transport
    • International Trade
    • Fleet Management
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Oil and Gas

    Datafinity Solution Offering

    Our Intelligent Capture offering includes:
    • Document Capture solution design and architecture
    • Supply of software and licenses
    • Development and customisation – creation of document process flows end to end
    • Implementation and Integration with 3rd party applications
    • Dispatcher template creation and performance tweaking
    • Training (technical and general user training)
    • Support and maintenance
    • Custom solutions
    • Document template design for optimal OCR performance