Accounts Receivable Solutions

A centralised Content Management system that captures, stores and manages all your Account Receivable related documents.

Fully integrated with your finance system, is the way to optimise processes, reduce inefficiencies and reduce Debtors days outstanding.
Whether that be for effective Proof of Delivery document management, exception reporting on what documents are missing from each transaction, or simply providing a way for your users to work remotely, we have solutions and tools that will help you digitise and automated your AR processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.
With all your business information and content managed in place, highly secure, accessible to all users from anywhere, is a must to prosper in the new, digital normal.

    Our solutions for a highly efficient Accounts Receivable department

    • Enterprise Content Management and Workflow
    • Contract Management
    • Proof of Delivery Management and exception reporting
    • Automated Document Capture (Intelligent OCR)
    • Robotic Process Automation for automating manual, mundane tasks
    • Electronic Signature Solutions
    • Web Portal Solutions for Customer Self Service
    • Enterprise File Sync and Share
    Please don’t hesitate to engage with us if you feel your Accounts Receivable department is too paper based, has too many manual tasks, deals with too many missing documents and exceptions, and could benefit from going digital to streamline operations.